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Busy people who want to work with the Moon don’t always have the luxury to go outside and observe her movements.

Fortunately, there’s an app for that.

Several, actually. For the astrologically minded, these are three of my favorites Moon apps for smartphones. All of them feature the Moon phase and sign, as well as a number of other features and Moon lore.

Check out the reviews to see which one best meets your needs. Or, just download all three and try them for yourself.

All are available for iPhone or Android.

Luna Solaria

Blue Marmot, Free

Classic, simple and free.

Features a real-time graphic of the Moon phase and Zodiacal sign on the home screen, plus additional screens for other details such as rising and setting times for the Sun and the Moon.

It only shows current Moon data, so you can’t check past or future dates.

moon appsiLuna

Lunarium, $1.99-$2.99

This is my personal go to app for Moon information. It’s no-frills interface isn’t the prettiest, but it has exactly the information I need without having to hunt for it (clearly designed by a Virgo astrologer after my own heart).

The main screen features the Moon phase, void of course times and even the Lunar Mansion (the lunar zodiac).  It’s also displays information for right now, the entire day, or the month.

Click on each link and it displays a mini interpretation. Even better, you can set it to send you a text notification when the Moon changes signs or turns void of course.

Moon apps

Deluxe Moon Pro

Sergey Vdovenko, $2.99-$3.99

This is a visually stunning Moon app, which will provide you with more information on the Moon that you know existed. Not only does the home screen feature the phase, Zodiac sign, rising, culminating and setting times, just click the menu for a wheel of other features — eclipses, apogee/perigee, and more.

The app also includes tips for gardening by the Moon, as well as astrological forecasts by Tropical zodiac sign and by a 29-day lunar zodiac (from the Avestan calendar by Russian astrologer P. Globa).

It will take a bit of exploring to look through all the features of the app, but if you want to immerse yourself in all things Moon, you won’t be disappointed.


full moon essentials

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  • The serious astrologer, as well as the amateur astronomer, needs to know the precise angle of the lunar terminator, which depends on the observer’s latitude and longitude, the date, and exact time of day, not some bland, imprecise generic result that assumes one is in New York, New York at an unspecified time of night.

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