Welcome to the Pluto Generations Online Course

You’re a collaborator in
a universal design as
massive as Life itself

Your Soul created a unique blueprint just for you… and herein lies your happiness.

But what is your soul’s blueprint? How can you understand it more fully so you can live an empowered and purposeful life?

To those questions, Pluto holds extremely important keys.

Pluto is VERY misunderstood!
Pluto is rarely given the credence it deserves...
As an ultimate healing power that reveals the darker sides of humanity, as tools for healing.

Additionally, Pluto is far from a “generational planet.”

In fact, the influence of Pluto is specifically relevant to your individual life.

You can use the power of Pluto to align with your unique soul purpose, unlock a treasure trove of inner joy, personal empowerment, and real transformation.

Transmute fear, anger, pain, loss, and sadness into joy, love, and conviction.
In essence, you can use the secrets Pluto reveals in your chart to transmute uncomfortable and dense emotions and become empowered to LIVE THE LIFE YOU WERE MEANT TO LIVE!

Plutonian knowledge of this kind, in this sort of depth and detail, is not available anywhere else.

"Thank you for organizing this amazing course, it is so jam packed with great info!" -Janet

An Online Course

Here's what you'll receive...
1) 7-Part Audio
Presentation Series:
The core of Tom’s teaching will be presented in seven audio classes. *Much of this information is not available anywhere else.

Each class will cover the following 4 topics for each Pluto generation:
1) How to Discover your Soul Purpose

2) The Art of Transmutation: Fear and Anger into Love and Compassion

3) How Darkness can be a Portal to Self-Understanding

4) Specific Mantras to Invoke Pluto's Transformative Healing Power

Classes 1-7

  CLASS 1:
Pluto in Cancer
Covers those born in years 1913 - 1937 to 1956/1957
Pluto in Leo
Covers those born in years 1956/1957 to 1971/1972
Pluto in Virgo
Covers those born in years 1956/1957 to 1971/1972
Pluto in Libra
Covers those born in years 1971/1972 to 1984 
Pluto in Scorpio
Covers those born in years 1984 to 1995
  CLASS 6:
Pluto in Sagittarius
January 18, 1995 – April 22, 1995November 11, 1995 – January 27, 2008June 15, 2008 – November 28, 2008
Pluto in Capricorn
Covers those born in years
January 27, 2008 - June 15, 2008November 28, 2008 – March 24, 2023June 12, 2023 – January 22, 2024September 2, 2024 – November 20, 2024
Pluto Generations
2) Downloadable Slide Presentation:

All the information in the classes will be readily available via digital slides that you can download and own.
3) Recorded Question & Answer
After each class, Tom spends 20-30 minutes answering questions from the audience.

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BONUS #1 & #2
Tom Jacob’s Online Books, 
The Soul’s Journey I & II 
"The book is a TREASURE. I know I will be studying it and giving it the attention it deserves." - Deborah

Understand Pluto's Placement in your chart at a glance! This 2 page PDF clearly explains what Pluto's placement in each house plus unconscious fears and strengths in each house.

“Pluto is trying to get us to process all the unhappy stuff to get to this golden, shiny goo of passion and purpose hiding underneath. And when we do Pluto well, we become agents of change, which is how the world changes.”
-Tom Jacobs

 Plutonian power runs deep. If you seek self-understanding as a gateway to self-acceptance, 
let Pluto open the door to your very soul. Within it lies your true power and purpose
This is the key to true contentment. Tap into your soul’s intentions, for this lifetime and perhaps the next.
Learn how your individual alignment with Pluto can help you take actionable steps toward living the life you were meant to live!
Receive specific instructions for healing pain, releasing anger, and transforming fear, relative to each sign. These are like remedies to mend past-life trauma.
Learn the most potent ways Pluto can 
accelerate your consciousness-level.
Learn how to use Pluto in your generation sign, to transform your feelings of powerlessness into confidence and conviction.
 “Self-understanding through delving deeply into my own Pluto configuration has enabled me to heal what most people believe can never be healed.” 
- Tom Jacobs 
Tom Jacobs
One of the most acclaimed Astrologers on Astrology Hub’s world-renowned AstroSummit 2.0, Evolutionary Astrologer, Tom Jacobs, has specialized in the teachings of Pluto for over 10 years. He offers a unique and proven interpretation of Pluto’s influence on your life and evolutionary path.
In practice for 12 years and a Level II graduate of Steven Forrest’s Apprenticeship Program, Tom has spent over 10 years channeling an Ascended Master and working with the spirits of the dead. This experience has taught Tom about the nature and journey of the soul. Tom’s global practice reaches those ready to transform in the deepest ways and teaches others how to become empowered to live the life they envision.
“Tom’s observations are the most accurate and most detailed that I have encountered.” -L.E.

“This workshop solves the problem of a lack of self-understanding and self-acceptance, opening the door for listeners to live the life their souls came to Earth to live.” 
- Tom Jacobs
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4. Tom' Jacobs Online Book, The Soul's Journey I: 
 Astrology, Reincarnation, and Karma with a Medium and Channel [Value: $19.95]
5. Tom Jacob's Online Book, The Soul's Journey II: Emotional Archaeology [Value: $19.95]
6. PDF Download: Your House, Your Journey, Your Pluto [Value: $19.95]
I appreciate what I have learned from you and also the reasonable price for the class & bonus package
- Deborah
Does it have to end? :( 
- Byron
I loved the session on Pluto in Virgo, embarrassingly on the mark lol.
- Kim
The Pluto in Leo class last night really hit home for me. Deep and profound stuff here, Tom.I am so grateful to you for sharing this information. It is Truth! 
- Janet

That was crazy....like CRAZY!!! You really clarified and solidified many of the insights and lessons I have received lately in your Libra session tonight. You communicate in such a clear manner and really explain things well so they are clear and not overwhelming.
- Alison
This course is my way of gifting 
this vital information to the world.
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“I loved your reading. (You’re) so right on about Pluto being so important. Pluto is at the center of all our family wars, on every level. Forgiveness is our only hope. With my Pluto in the 1st, as you said, my Pluto enters the room first and I am always getting punished for it. I know my biggest lesson is to forgive everyone and myself, which is why I keep incarnating with strong family members who are trying to teach me the same lesson over and over again. Please keep up the great work you are doing! I will continue to sing your praises to all I know.” 
“Tom has unified the art of healing with astrology. He has the ability to divinely meet me on my path of evolution and always leads me to a place of transforming revelation that allows great healing to aspire.I have worked with Tom for just about a year, he has the gift of being a healer's healer. He has lead me safely and gently thru some of my darkest places, always bringing in the light.” 
-C., New York 

We believe you'll love this course! But if you're not completely satisfied with the 7 modules and 3 bonus gifts provided in this course, you can simply email us within 14 days and we will return your money, no questions asked.

Thanks Tom! I am loving the course so far. Your original free webcast struck me with it's clarity and truth and I immediately sensed that the knowledge I have been seeking regarding evolutionary astrology could be found through your insights and perspective.
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What a surprise, Tom! Your Pluto in Leo discussion helped me understand my peculiar way of hiding and withholding the depth and power of my devotional heart. This is a real breakthrough for me. Thank you! 

Thank you for last night, Tom. You are so generous with your information, modeling vulnerability for us, and showing us how to approach all of it with humor and compassion. You're a great teacher.
Wow, just listened to Pluto in Leo...I have Pluto in Virgo, however I have learned so much by listening to this. I have 4 plants in 5th house and I have Leo Asc, Pluto in 1st house. Explained so much for me. Many thanks for putting this together.
- Helen

You're doing a superlative job of teaching this class, Tom. I love how clearly you've organized everything, and the Truth and consistency that has permeated the two classes you've shared so far. 
I love that you are approaching this powerful planet with respect, awe and as a tool to help us in our journey. Pluto has been seen or feared, through one dimension, for so long. I revel in delight that you are giving Pluto a new face, Tom. Thank you.
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