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Every mastery class is designed to help you relate Astrology to your spiritual growth and improve your daily life.
3) Weekly SoulWork Practices
Each astrologer assigns "soulwork" practices, including  powerful guided meditations, reflections, mantras, and journal exercises.

All “soulwork” practices are specifically designed to help you harness the curriculum of the cosmos for spiritual growth.
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Learn from the Leading Astrologers

in the World Each Month

Meet the 13 guides leading your forecasts and masterclasses this year.

David Cochrane
Astrologer, Mystic &
Founder of Vibrational Astrology

Received the 2018 Regulus Award in Discovery, Innovation and Research

Gisele Terry
Astrological Consultant Psychotherapist & Author

Designed and teaches the counseling skills course for astrologers

Divine Harmony
Astrologer, Mystic, Writer, & Teacher 

Divine Feminine, the Dark Feminine, Shadow Work, Conscious Relationship

Astrologer, Author, Teacher.

Human Design, Numerology, and Shamanic Therapies—holistic Life and Business Coaching

Amma Li Grace
Astrologer, Artist, Teacher of Gene Keys

Amma Li inspires us to remember who we truly are and live accordingly.

Meru Matu
Astrologer, Creator of Sun Soul Astrology.

Quantum Astrologer who practices Starseed DNA linage

Wade Caves
Astrologer, Consultant, Educator.

Specialising in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. He was certified with honors from the Mayo School of Astrology

Adam Gainsburg
Astrologer, Author, Teacher.

Adam teaches astrology as a vehicle for accessing the depth + breadth of our human wholeness.

Nadiya Shah
 Astrologer, Author, Media Personality

M.A. in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination, from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.

Rick Levine

Real Life Wizard & Master Astrologer

Adam Sommer
Astrologer, Author, Teacher.

Uses Mythos and Psyche as a way of getting us more fluent with the mysteries.

Becca Tarnas
Archetypal astrologer, artist, and editor of Archai

Her research interests include depth psychology, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination.

Vic DiCara
Astrologer, Author, Teacher.

His astrological system is a unique bridge between “Vedic” and “Western” models

See What’s Inside Your
2019 ​​​​​​​Cosmic Curriculum
Your Forecast, Ceremony & Astrology-Mastery Class
in each Lunar Month
February: Experiencing Greater Love through Self-Transformation
Aquarius Lunation with David Cochrane & Gisele Terry
MASTERY TRAINING: Discovering Your Astrological Vibration
New Moon Forecast, Self-Mastery Class & Ceremony
Preparing for the Storm: Getting Centered
  • Uncover how this month you’ll undergo an inner transformation, like the metamorphosis of a caterpillar to a butterfly...
  • Contemplate the purpose burning in your heart and what makes your life magical…
  • Connect to your determination for working on what’s most important to you right now…
  • Find out how to navigate choppy waters when it may feel like you’re swimming against the current…
  • Learn about the Primary Astrological Vibrations and what they can tell you about your talents, motivations, and life purpose, in Part 1 of this Self-Mastery Astrology Training…
  • Participate in the Inner Fire Ceremony to work with your heart’s desire
Full Moon Forecast, Self-Mastery Class & Ceremony
Preparing for the Storm: Getting Centered
  • Affirm your heart’s desire as a gift, and receive tools for honoring this wisdom… 
  • Find out why you have a golden opportunity for change right now, and how to harness it.. 
  • Discover the astrology vibrations in your birth chart, and how to work with them to see what wavelengths you are on and what planets are activating those wavelengths
  • Participate in an Affirmations and Intention Strengthening ceremony to keep you focused on your progress and visualize your transfiguration
David Cochrane
David is a pioneer in the field of Vibrational Astrology with over 300 youtube videos created! He received the 2018 Regulus Award in Discovery, Innovation and Research. David is also a mystic and leads meditation groups and group chanting.
Gisele Terry
Gisele Terry is an astrological consultant, psychotherapist, and author of The Progressed Moon Around the Zodiac. Gisele trains astrologers in Consulting Skills for ISAR and The Avalon School of Astrology. She was the president of ISAR from 2009 to 2015.
March: Uniting Your Shadow & Light for Ultimate Freedom
Pisces Lunation with Divine Harmony
MASTERY TRAINING: Neptune, Pluto and Your Shadow
New Moon Forecast, Self-Mastery Class & Ceremony
Uniting Your Shadow & Light for Ultimate Freedom
  • Find out about the Pisces New Moon conjunct Vesta and why it’s a time to get really clear on what you’re deeply committed to.  
  • Deepen your understanding of the Vesta Archetype and the Neptune Archetype- in both their shadow and Light.  
  • Explore Spiritual Bypassing and how Loving What Is helps us bridge Spirit and Body in this present moment.  
  • Learn how to work with Neptune in your natal chart, through Shadow Work.
  • Participate in a ceremony for “Hierosgamos and Healing the Split Within”
Full Moon Forecast, Self-Mastery Class & Ceremony
Hierosgamos and Healing the Split within
  • Find balance in your relationship with the Full Moon in Libra on the Spring Equinox
  • Uncover the healing possibilities of owning our projections and integrating what we look for outside of ourselves. 
  • Explore the archetype of the Sacred Marriage, the Anima and Animus, and why these hold key pieces to your wholeness.  
  • Learn about the Anima and Animus as it shows up in your natal chart 
  • Participate in a Shadow Work exercise for connecting with your Inner Other.
Divine Harmony
Divine Harmony is a mother, mystic, astrologer, writer and teacher. With her background in Depth Psychology and Spirituality she works to weave together the Dark and the Light, the mundane and the sacred in order to support personal awakening, healing and wholeness. She has a special interest in the Divine Feminine, the Dark Feminine, Shadow Work, Conscious Relationship and learning how to raise the new children incarnating on the planet today.
April: Taking Responsible Risks & Reinventing Your Relationships
Aries Lunation with VerDarLuz
MASTERY TRAINING: Astrology & Your Human Design
New Moon Forecast, Self-Mastery Class & Ceremony
Reverse Engineering Success
  • Find out about responsible risk-taking with the New Moon in Aries
  • Explore the 5 Energy Types, the 9 Energy Centers, and the various Inner Authorities to help you make confident decisions in life
  • Learn the best strategies for marketing for your Human Design Archetype
  • Work with the mantra of Saturn (square to the New Moon) and be guided into a Saturn puja for success, focus, response.
Full Moon Forecast, Self-Mastery Class & Ceremony
Reinventing Relationship, Innovating Collaboration
  • Learn about the The Holy vs. Special Relationship with the Full Moon in Libra 
  • Find out how you can leverage collaboration to enhance your work in the world, 
  • Tune into alternative models of Relating and Committing
  • Understand how you can apply Human Design for more fulfilling and aligned relationship
  • Experience a Tantric intimacy practice
  • Traveler to 40 countries
  • Author of two books: Codex of the Soul and Aquarius Dawns
  • Creator of Divine Timing Online School
  • Host of The Practical Esoteric Podcast

VerDarLuz uniquely blends systems of self-awareness—such as Astrology, Human Design, Numerology, and Shamanic Therapies—into his holistic Life and Business Coaching practice. He teaches entrepreneurs, families, and couples how to honor and integrate their core patterns and archetypes. VerDarLuz empowers clients by helping them strategize the WHEN and WHERE of life: Optimal Time-mapping and Astro-Locality Power Places, as well as the WHO - harmonic relating, in both love and business.
May: Cultivating Your Capacity to Receive for Ultimate Creativity
Taurus Lunation with Amma Li Grace
MASTERY TRAINING: Working with Your Gene Keys
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Establishing Core Stability
Meeting the demands of evolution can be taxing in this world.  This New Moon offers us some deep medicine, if we can slow down enough to receive it.
  • Learn about the Gene Keys transmission and its relationship to Astrology.
  • Find out what Gene Key is activated by this New Moon (+ other key transits) and how to decode these archetypes in our daily lives.
  • Harness the power of slowing down, making micro adjustments + deep listening
  • Explore our lenses of reality and their impact in our lives, with Jupiter / Mars opposition in the 12th and 11th Gene Key.
  • Attune to the evolutionary imperative of living in accordance with our values, with Venus square the Lunar Nodes
  • Participate in a ceremony for Casting your Anchor to attune to the frequency of your Essence and stabilize in the coming weeks.
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Making Love to Your Life
Love is a liberating force.  How are you revolutionizing your relationship to yourself at this time?

In this class you will:
  • Discover the Gene Keys activated by the full moon (+ key transits) and their significance in your life at this time
  • Expand your capacity to "Allow, Accept & Embrace" your shadows, and release the light trapped in your DNA. 
  • Explore your relationship to giving and receiving, and the revolutionary act of getting our needs met, with Uranus / Venus conjunction in the 27th Gene Key
  • Utilize the power of your voice to vibrate yourself into greater presence and embodiment, in the “Vocal Sphere” ceremony. 
Amma Li Grace
Amma Li is a natural born artist of consciousness and gnostic adventurer.   De-conditioning the psyche and liberating the creative force is behind everything she does, engaging her work with both lightness and a penetrating depth.  Through her Gene Keys and Astrology videos and session work, Amma Li acts as an alchemical muse and guide for others to activate inside their innate essence.  Drawing from 11 years of immersive study with the Western Astrology and the Gene Keys, and her ingenuity as improv performance artist, she offers an original approach to the process of unlocking genius and embodying soul.  Translating archetypal information and bringing symbol alive in the heart of everyday life are but a few ways that Amma Li inspires us to remember who we truly are and live accordingly.
June: Expanding & Illuminating Your Truth
Gemini Lunation with Meru Matu
MASTERY TRAINING: Cultivating Your Inner Mystic with Natural Planet Alchemy
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Mental Alchemy 

Gemini New Moon Hermetic Wisdom leading us to our divine destiny of communication with our higher-minds.

  1. Not all new moons in Gemini are the same. Observing the natural planetary flow to find your alchemy.
  2. This New Moon will be happening in the constellation of Orion conjunct the fixed star Tabit and how that will add influence to this New Moon.
  3. Combining forces with the semi-sextile to Mars in Cancer, how can you manifest your creative expression by nurturing your passions?
  4. Both the New and Full moon will be present with their planetary rulers at home in their dignity and we will explore the deeper celestial message that carries. In this portion we will discuss Mercury in Gemini.
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Spiritual Alchemy
Full Moon in Sagittarius connecting us to our divine cosmic roots at the center of The Milky Way Galaxy at the Galactic Center. 
  1. The message of the Galactic Center and what it means to have a luminary release here.
  2. Information upgrades and how the astrological program is written in the hub of the galaxy
  3. Cygnus Constellation, the Swan and the philosophy of alchemical symbolism. 
  4. Both the New and Full moon will be present with their planetary rulers at home in their dignity and we will explore the deeper celestial message that carries. In this portion we will look at Jupiter in Sagittarius.
Meru Matu

Meru Matu is a Quantum Astrologer who practices Starseed DNA lineage and has created a unique brand and fringe niche within the Astrology community. Meru takes Quantum Physics

and blends it with Western Equal House Astrology to interpret the chart and identifies your Starseed DNA locations based off of Fixed Stars.

Meru is the owner and creator of Sun Soul Astrology on YouTube, Sun Soul TV and a popular line of Astrology based clothing called PIMPMYMATRIX. She is dedicated to assisting the global consciousness in the awakening to higher-self awareness and teaches daily applications to realize your full potential.

Meru is a former Billboard Top 200 Charting Recording Artist and 5 Star Resort Spa Aesthetician who is to expand our perceptions of what is possible within this quantum universe and to teach how to free yourself from the false matrix illusion.

July: Moving from Dissonant to Decisive
Cancer Lunation with Wade Caves
MASTERY TRAINING: Interpreting Your Planetary Phases 
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
  • Find out why this New Moon carries with it discordance and dissonance, and how to work with it…  
  • Explore key astrological themes represented by the planets and what it means for planets to stand in opposition to one another...
  • Receive tools for working with productive tension...
  • Learn how to localise the effects of a New or Full Moon for yourself, your town, state and country.
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
  • Learn about themes of transfiguration and immortalisation with the Sun's position in on the fixed star Pollux. 
  • Explore the myth of Castor and Pollux, the response from the gods at their shared misfortune, and the significance of Zeus's actions - and why this is important right now. 
  • Find out what we're being asked to evaluate in ourselves during this lunation.
  • Learn about Planetary Phase & Cycles and how the waning and waxing of the Planets can reveal important themes in your life. 
Wade Caves

Wade Caves is an astrological consultant and educator specializing in horary, electional and classical astrological technique. He was certified with honors from the Mayo School of Astrology and has expert knowledge of traditional and modern psychological methods of chart delineation. Wade's passion is in understanding the origins of astrological symbolism, and finding reliable ways to put this information to practical use in consultation. He is the editor and annotator of the 300th anniversary edition of William Lilly's History of His Life and Times (Rubedo Press, 2015), and teaches for the School of Traditional Astrology (STA).

August: Empowered & Creative Intimacy 
Leo Lunation with Adam Gainsburg
MASTERY TRAINING: Your Venus Phase & Life Purpose
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Giving Up or Offering Out?
2019’s Leo Lunar Cycle invokes us to surrender our familiar ways of expression and our over-identifications with those expressions and empowers us to step fully into how creatively open and responsive we can be to our deeper inspirations. 
  • Learn What Venus’ position in her cycle with the Sun will draw out of us.
  • Find out What Mars’ position in his cycle with the Sun will challenge in us.
  • Tune into how Mars-Juno, Uranus-Venus, and Jupiter-Sun will foster a perfect playground for stepping into our own space of deep creativity and I-Don’t-Know.
  • Learn how to identify the Venus Phase in your chart and the basic qualities of each of Venus’ 13 Phases with the Sun
  • Participate in the Breath of the Soul Meditation for the New Leo Moon
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Spiritual Alchemy
August’s Aquarius Full Moon highlights the deep journey we all go through when we venture into our unconscious self. 
  • Find out the many ways we meet our Sacred Other 
  • Look at the deep feeling of disconnection and unconscious attachment to our old patterns through: Venus’ Transmutation Underworld Phase, The Mars-Venus conjunction of 2019, The Moon-Neptune-Lunar Nodes infusion and Mars’ Transition Phase to begin his new cycle…
  • Learn how to combine your Phase with Venus’s sign, house and aspects in your chart for a true picture of your dharma via Lady Venus
  • Experience the Breath of the Soul Meditation for the Full Aquarius Moon
Adam Gainsburg
Adam’s first hint of something beyond himself developed through his childhood connection to the glittering canopy of the Living Sky. Over the years, he has cultivated a true relationship with the stars, planets, and complex movements of our skies. Adam catalyzes our ability to take the observable and have it self-reveal deeper dimensions of our own consciousness. This forms the foundation of his counseling and teaching practice today, as well as his gift to our post-postmodern astrology: astrology as a vehicle for accessing the depth + breadth of our human wholeness.

From his first book on the fundamentals of Soulsign Astrology™ (The Soul's Desire for Wholeness) to his most recent on the heliacal phases of Venus (The Light of Venus), to his forthcoming book on the heliacal phases of Mars (The Heart of Mars), Adam's work invites theory and understanding to become cellular reality — only possible when Sky meets Earth in our deep heart.
September: Embracing the Gifts of your Unique Talents 
Virgo Lunation with Nadiya Shah
MASTERY TRAINING: The Sacred & Mundane - Interpreting Your 6th & 12th Houses
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
The Virgo Energy In You
  • Consider the larger energy at play for all of us as a collective. 
  • Explore where this New Moon is speaking uniquely to you in your chart. 
  • Learn about the house holds the sign of Virgo, and what that means for you this lunation.
  • Understand the 6th house of your natal chart, exploring the cusp, its ruling planet, and any planets in your natal 6th house to help ensure your days are filled with reminders of the sacred, and lead you towards habits and rituals you uniquely find rewarding.
  • Experience the “Ceremony On The Sacred, In all your life” 
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
The Pisces Energy In You
  • Tune into the Pisces Full Moon energy and what it mean for the collective. 
  • Explore how this Full Moon is speaking uniquely to you in your chart. 
  • Consider what house holds the sign of Virgo, and what that means for you this lunation 
  • Learn about your natal 12th house and how it can help ensure your life feels filled with meaning and connection more often, and lead you towards a personal understanding of compassion that is uniquely your own.
  • Experience the “Ceremony on the Mystical, in all your life”
Nadiya Shah
French Vanity Fair named Nadiya Shah one of the top 12 astrologers on the planet, crowning her a pioneer in video astrology. She is an Internationally Syndicated Astrologer, Author, Media Personality, and is one of the few people in the world to hold an M.A. in the Cultural Study of Cosmology and Divination, from the University of Kent, United Kingdom.
Her book “Astrology Realized: Your Journey to Understanding Astrology” is available in English and Spanish. Nadiya’s wildly popular Youtube channel, nadiyashahdotcom, is one of the most watched Astrology channels in the world.
October: Cultivating Balance in Relationships 
Libra Lunation with Rick Levine
MASTERY TRAINING: Failure & Success - Working with Quincunxes
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Working with Intentions in Relationship
Managing the gap between what we want in a relationship and what we have.
  1. Even great relationships have weaknesses. How to work with them
  2. Communication Skills: The difference between what we think and what we say.
  3. Setting ourselves up for failure and success (working with the quincunxes).
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
The Yoga of Relationships: Deepening the Practice
The difference between an acceptable relationship and an awesome one is creating clarity around  goals, those mutually shared and those individually pursued.
  1. Defining the process and initiating the conversation
  2. Using the archetypes of Aries and Libra to help define and balance goals.
  3. Facing the unsolvable differences (working the the square to Pluto)
Rick Levine
Rick Levine is an internationally recognized astrologer and teacher, co-founder of, a founding Trustee of Kepler College, and co-author of 8 years of Barnes and Noble's annual "Your Astrology Guide". Rick wrote a daily horoscope column for nearly 17 years, delivered via the Internet to millions of readers per day through He is the subject of a DVD, "Quantum Astrology: Science, Spirit, and Our Place in the Cycles of History". His YouTube videos reach tens of thousands of people every month.
November: Riding the Wind & Wave of Psyche 
Scorpio Lunation with Adam Sommer
MASTERY TRAINING: Mercury Cycles - Worlds Made of Language
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
The Wind of Psyche
  • Tune into the opposition between Sun/Moon in Scorpio and Uranus in Taurus, and what this means for the month ahead...
  • Find out why working with trauma, radical thinking, and living being the hedgerow is important right now, and how to begin this process… 
  • Learn about Mercury Retrograde, his phases through the cycle between morning sky, evening sky and no sky…  and how to re-interpret his tricks!
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
The Wave of Psyche
  • Find out about the significance of this Full Moon occuring a day after Mercury stations direct...  
  • Explore what some Astrologers call “octaves”, and why  Uranus is said to be the higher octave of Mercury! 
  • Learn how you can utilize Octaves in your chart... 
  • Tune into Mercury in the form of Hermes Trismegistus and learn ways to work with him in your life
Adam Sommer
Adam Sommer is an explorer.  With Astrology as his primary lens for seeing clearly, he also uses Mythos and Psyche as a way of getting us more fluent with the mysteries.  Obsessed with language and the power of story, he has dedicated the past 10 years of his life to creating podcasts, writing, counseling, and teaching on the subject.  Before all this, there was a 5 Element Chinese Medicine School where he became fluent in Medical Qi Gong and that whole universe of understanding health, Naropa University where he studied the Contemplative Arts, and UNCW where his creative writing was born.  His show and site are called Holes to Heavens.  Pay a visit sometime if you feel called to do so...oOo
November: Integrity & Transformation in your Relationships
Sagittarius Lunation with Becca Tarnas
MASTERY TRAINING: Cultivating your Archetypal Eye​​​​​​​
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Celebrating the Arts
In honor of the Sagittarius New Moon and the Venus-Jupiter conjunction, we will explore works of art, film, and music as a way of cultivating our archetypal eye and discernment of astrological symbols.
  • Explore the meaning of archetypes in astrology
  • Learn to discern the multivalence of archetypes through the arts
  • Compare various ways that an archetypal complex can manifest in your life, particularly artistically and relationally
  • Learn ways that you can better participate in your archetypal complexes
  • Participate in an "Active Imagination" ceremony for transforming an emotion into image that can be later brought into artistic form
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Deepening Our Relationships
In honor of the Full Moon in Sagittarius and the Venus-Saturn-Pluto triple conjunction, we will explore our relationship dynamics and how our Moon and Venus aspects inflect how we approach relationship.
  • Learn about the relational archetypes of the Moon and Venus
  • Explore the multivalent expressions of Venus-Saturn-Pluto in the arts and in relationship
  • Discuss relationship patterns and different ways to participate in them 
  • Participate in a "Meditating with Images" practice for working with conscious awareness to come into participatory relationship with a meaningful image
Becca Tarnas
Becca S. Tarnas, PhD, is a counseling archetypal astrologer, artist, and editor of Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology. She received her doctorate in Philosophy and Religion from the California Institute of Integral Studies, with her dissertation titled The Back of Beyond: The Red Books of C.G. Jung and J.R.R. Tolkien. Becca received her BA from Mount Holyoke College in Environmental Studies and Theatre Arts, and MA in Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness at CIIS. Her research interests include depth psychology, literature, philosophy, and the ecological imagination. She is currently teaching as an adjunct professor at Pacifica Graduate Institute.
January 2020: Your Truth Will Set You Free
Capricorn Lunation with Vic DiCara
MASTERY TRAINING: Working with Nakshatras for Deeper Self-Understanding​​​​​​​
New Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Destruction of Lies
Study the nakshatra chart of this new moon in the destruction-goddesses constellation, in proximity to the southern node (ketu) and the planet of teachers and priests (Jupiter).
  • Learn about the goddess of destruction, who dwells in this new moon nakshatra - "Moola".
  • Explore the positive uses of typically negative things, like destruction
  • See the focus points of this new moon in light of the very prominent Ketu and the proximity of Jupiter to the moon in Mūla.
  • Begin working with the Nakshatras in your own chart for deeper understand of yourself.
Full Moon Forecast & Ceremony
Re-Birthing yourSelf
Study the nakshatra chart of this full-moon in the constellation of the goddess of rebirth and infinite cycles.
  • Learn the positive connection between death and life, allowing rebirth
  • Consider the full moon as it is under aspect from a Mercury-Saturn cluster, both extremely combust by the Sun
  • Consider the implications of Jupiter and Ketu together in the constellation of Water/Merging/Partnerships
  • Re-envision yourself not becoming prey to the most significant lies you have been involved in
Vic DiCara
Vic DiCara reads classical Sanskrit texts and tests his astrological theories by writing computer code, but unlike most “geeks” he is also a musician with is heart and head very much “on the street” and in the “real world.”

​​​​​​​Vic has eagerly studied and practiced *bhakti-yoga* (the yoga of love) since 1990. This spiritual context infuses his every observation and advice.
His astrological system, developed over ten years of careful study and practice, is a unique bridge between “Vedic” and “Western” models; highly contemporary yet with extreme fidelity to the ancient origins.

Besides giving constant readings, holding frequent classes, and writing prolifically (seven books on astrology and bhakti, and a memoir), he makes time to play games with his two sons, daughter, and wife - where they live in Southern Japan
"The Inner Circle has provided a space to meet my soul family, a safe container for coming out of the spiritual closet, and amazing teachings."
Ellen, Inner Circle Member
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  • All Astrology-Lovers welcome!
  • Beginners who want to learn the basics... (see our bonus for how to read a chart!)
  • Advanced astrology students who want consistent deep-dive training...  (see our Advanced Training Bonus)
  • Energy Workers
  • Healers and Body Workers
  • Counselors or Psychotherapists
  • Transformational or spiritual coaches
  • Professional astrologers
  • Novice astrologers
  • Health practitioners or doctors
  • Spiritual seekers and visionaries
  • Anyone interested in how Astrology can bring deeper meaning into your life and promote massive positive transformation...
I don’t know much about astrology, is this program right for me?
Yes. As long as you have a desire to learn, you’ll fit right in! We have resources for all levels, including a bonus beginners course about ‘Astrology Basics’!
Will I be able to ask the Astrologers questions?
Yes! You’ll have two easy options to get your questions answered… First, you’ll be able to ask a question at anytime in our private Facebook group. Each astrologer will monitor the group during their assigned month to answer as many questions as possible. Second, every month you’ll have an opportunity to ask your questions LIVE, as time permits, after each Full Moon Class...
I’m a professional Astrologer, is this program advanced enough for me?
Yes. One of the best parts of the program is that you’ll be able to engage with other professional astrologers without having to leave your home! Think of it like a convention at a fraction of the price - and way easier to attend! Also, immediately after you enroll you’ll receive the ‘Advanced Training in the Live Sky Technique’ Bonus course with Adam Gainsburg! One more thing! Each Master Class is designed to take your practice of Astrology further with unique techniques and skills that you can easily apply in your own practice...
Is there a guarantee?
Yes. If for any reason you are not satisfied with the monthly ceremonies, forecasts, masterclasses, community forum, mobile app, and 10 hours of bonus materials, you can cancel your membership at anytime. No questions asked.
I’m not very technical, can I handle this online program?
Yes. Every live broadcast is as simple as clicking on a link or dialing a number on your phone. In fact, if you’re reading this email, you should have no problem with the program. To participate in the community forum you will need to have a free Facebook account and we can help you set that up, if you’d like help…
How many LIVE calls will there be?
Every month is assigned to a different astrologer. Your astrologer for the month will join you for 2 live calls per month: one on the new moon and one on the full moon. Each call will be focused on a ceremony, a forecast for the energies of the month. Every month, a self-mastery Astrology training will also be released from your Lunar guide for you to dive into at your own pace. See the Full Schedule above for all the topics and times.
I might not be able to make all the live calls, will they be recorded?
Yes! Every live broadcast will be recorded and available in your membership portal in less than 24 hours. You’ll be able to watch or listen to the classes at home, in your car, or even while taking a walk… Additionally, we will create transcripts for each call so you can read the material. All recordings and transcripts will be available for download so that you can own them forever.
Is astrology something I can use in my current practice for counseling / spiritual guidance / energy healing / health coaching / astrology?
Yes! Astrology provides clues and insights into the specific challenges of people based on their alignment with the planets and stars. The Inner Circle is designed to offer you continued education and resources that will help you better serve your clients! The trainings and forecasts in this monthly program were previously only available through private trainings, live conventions (that require travel), or expensive courses. We wanted to make it easy for you to study astrology by delivering all these resources to your home on a monthly basis and create a community that promotes learning and networking.
How does the community function? How do I engage with the astrologers?
Great question! The community is HUGE benefit of the program and we will be unified via a private Facebook group. We have found Facebook to be the most rewarding way to create a community online because every feature is easy and fun to use… You’ll be able to post your insights, ask questions, read and respond directly to fellow participants or the professional astrologers, and even join us live on video! The astrologer of the month will be monitoring the Facebook group regularly for any questions they can answer, so you’ll be able to engage with them in that way... Additionally, you’ll be joining us LIVE for calls through a webinar service called ‘Zoom’ that is extremely easy to navigate. During the live broadcasts you’ll be able to type-chat in real-time to converse with your fellow astrology lovers and ask questions for the live Q&A after each Full Moon monthly forecast.