The “A-Team”


rich_roundRichard Taubinger

Richard is the Co-Founder of Astrology Hub and the Principle of Conscious LLC, which helps authors, teachers, and transformational businesses create and launch products and services on the internet. He is passionate about everything related to helping people go inward to do their own inner work including meditation, taichi/yoga, psychology and yes… Astrology!

Richard’s career began in the corporate and financial world, where he honed skills as both a trader and entrepreneur where he worked in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo.  As his spiritual vision deepened, he transitioned into helped build up expert authors/teachers online businesses through consulting and strategy implementation. Currently, Richard is seeking to develop larger concepts that change existing paradigms in our world, increase the vibrational frequency and resonance of individuals, and bring conscious ways of being into larger systems and structures. This is unfolding through grace moment to moment.

The intention for Astrology Hub is to provide a fun, relevant and practical place for the larger public to meet extraordinary Astrologers who are putting themselves out there, giving their gift and being of service to the world. We aim to help people understand the power and effects of Astrology in their lives. We also want to play a role in bringing abundance to the astrology community by providing internet services, visibility platforms such as Online Summits and other ideas that can support and assist Astrologers to reach more people with their work. You can find out more about Richard and his work at

Amanda “Pua” Waamanda_roundlsh

Amanda “Pua” Walsh, M.S., is the Host, Co-Founder and Editor-In-Chief of Astrology Hub. Inspired by the profound gifts Astrology has provided for her in navigating major life transitions, parenting, relationship dynamics, and personal growth, Amanda is now honored to offer the Astrology Hub as a platform for the tools that Astrology offers to be shared with the world. She brings her extensive background in business, psychology, media and internet-marketing to the world of Astrology with the intention of making the wisdom accessible, tangible and applicable for those interested in living a purposeful, passionate and harmonious life.

Amanda is the former Producer/Host of the online television show, PeleMa TV and radio show, Sacred Commerce. Amanda has her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Psychology and is Certified in Plant Based Nutrition. She lives on the island of Maui, Hawaii.

Managing Editor

Donna Woodwell

Donna Woodwell_round

Though Donna Woodwell, M.A., attended grad school to become a foreign correspondent, she had no idea how foreign she’d get. After exploring ancient and modern magical and mystical practices for more than 20 years, today she uses astrology to help folks discover – and live – their unique genius.

In addition to her private consultations, Donna has taught astrology and esoteric studies at Kepler College and the University of Texas Informal Classes. She’s also written for major astrological websites including, and AstrologyHub. Currently, Donna’s penning a book about the modern-day applications of astral theurgy, how to work with celestial intelligences to enhance your life. She holds Master’s degrees in Journalism and Latin American Studies.


Social Media Coordinator & Projects Manager

Lauren Gibson

Lauren_roundLauren works as a project manager and social media manager at Astrology Hub. She loves finding content to share with the Astrology Hub community that uplifts, empowers and has the potential to transform people’s lives. Lauren holds a B.A. in Sociology from Chapman University and is a Certified Yoga Teacher and Holistic Health Coach. Her passions include holistic living, spiritual empowerment, and helping others align with their full potential.
Project Manager & Designer

Ana Zaharia

Ana is an enthusiast of most things mystical, transformational and enlightening. Astrology has been one of the consistent tools she has used along her path of awakening to help better understand herself, her path and her loved ones.

Having worked in the Natural Health and Personal Transformation arena for over 7 years, she is excited to help facilitate fellow Astrology Enthusiasts in connecting, aligning with the Cosmic Energy tides and going deep within to experience the shifts we all want to see out in the world!

Ana has a BA in Fashion Design, is a certified Holistic Health Counselor, and is trained as a Clairvoyant and an Angelic Healing Practitioner. She is a mama, a partner, and feels most alive when exploring the mysterious depths of our existence (a Scorpio).