I Love Astrology


We all love astrology!

That’s clear from the overwhelming response our Valentine’s Day 2016 I Love Astrology contest received — more than 16,000 words penned by astrology-lovers from 20 different countries.

The A Team reviewed all of the entries and selected our favorite stories and prose. We hope you’ll find them as inspiring as we did!

Many thanks to all of you who sent in responses. May your astrology love keep shining bright.

Grand Prize

Dena Seki, California, USA

When my husband and I got married, I astrologically researched all 25 of the single people coming to our wedding.

I tried every combination possible.  I found a number of matches and made a point of telling the single people that they had a strong astrological match at the wedding.

I then tried to introduce these matches to each other.  It was a brief introduction, as I was the bride and there were 130 guests. Nonetheless, I tried my best.

One of the best matches I discovered was between one female Leo Sun/Libra Moon friend living in Brooklyn, N.Y., and one (12-years-older) male Gemini Sun/Aries Moon friend living in San Jose, Calif.

Introductions were made and they ended up sitting together chatting after the wedding while sharing a 6 pack of beer.

Today they are happily married and living in San Jose with two kids.  To this day, they are amazed that this is how they met.


First Prize

I love astrologyDiana Oettler, México

Amo la astrología porque
Es la primera y más antigua guía.
Es el mapa del sanador,
Es el camino secreto de las estrellas, que nos lleva a la libertad y al entendimiento.

Es el regalo de los Dioses para la humanidad,
Nuestro recordatorio personal y único del reloj que marca nuestro camino.

Es un rompecabezas de doce piezas,
Más complejo que uno de mil,
tan hermoso que está hecho por símbolos.

Amo la astrología porque eres tú y soy yo.
Es todos en todos lugares, no es géneros , razas, edades.
Es fantasmas, ancestros  y Destinos.

Amo la astrología porque
Es lo que verdadera y profundamente deseamos y necesitamos.

(Translation by Diana)

I love astrology because
It is the oldest and first instruction guide.
It is the healer’s map and
The secret road of the stars,
leading us to freedom and enlightenment.

It is a gift of the gods for humanity
Our unique reminder and our destiny clock.

It is a puzzle of just 12 pieces,
More complex than one of a thousand,
so beautifully made with symbols.

I love astrology because it is You and Me.
It is everyone in every place, no genders, no races, no age.
It is ghosts, ancestors, and Fate.

I love astrology because
It is truly and profoundly what we desire and what we need.


Runners Up


I love astrologyKim de Noüe, Colorado, USA

Astrology magically found me when I was 19 years old and studying the collected works of Carl Jung in college (He had written about it in relation to married couples). I was intrigued and wanted to understand more about what he wrote, so put an ad in a local paper for an astrology teacher to decipher Jung’s essay.

She took a quick look at my chart and told me I was destined to be an astrologer and she was going to make me her apprentice.  It was as if I had been struck by lightning.  I was stunned and titillated all at once.

I studied with her for 8 hours a day for months and was hooked for life.  It is my medium.  It is my portal into a deeper understanding of the synchronicity of all things.  If I am upset or confused about what I am experiencing, it assists me in gaining perspective on the “real” lesson or value in what I am going through.  It also is great for seeing how long the energy is around for, so I can take advantage of the opportunities presenting themselves and/or look forward to the end of more challenging periods.

Honestly, I believe this is just one way to look more deeply at the reality of the connections between all things, but it is a beautiful way and the one that speaks most deeply to my soul.

 I love AstrologyMiko Mitchell, California, USA

I have always had a fascination with the horoscope since my own teen years, however, my understanding of the difference between astrology and horoscope wasn’t birthed until my own teenage daughter introduced it to me, just a few years ago.

I’ve been addicted ever since.

As the worry-wart, stress case, hypersensitive, over-analytical Virgo that I am, I had often pondered and festered over how on earth will my Aquarian daughter and I ever get along.

(Seriously, I was very concerned.)

Then I found out that I am an Aquarius rising — go figure!

My Aquarian daughter has definitely changed my life and is the culprit to the changes of my own perspectives on many things, as well.  Together we are a blast!

I am just so grateful of knowing how these energies are manifested within us, it allows me to not only have greater compassion for myself, but for others, as well.

kathy anderson 1Kathie Anderson, Minnesota, USA

In my first astrology class, the instructor asked if anyone had a stellium (3 or more planets conjoined) in our birth charts.  I raised my hand.  As the instructor studied my chart, she asked me if one of my siblings had health issues.  I told her that my eldest brother, Curt, died from cancer, three months prior to the class.

The aspects in my chart suggested more profound understanding of the bond between two people.  Curt and I weren’t very close on a mundane level, but when he was sick I discovered that we were (and are) connected with each other on a deep psychic level.

When Curt first became ill, he was living in Minnesota and I was living in California.  Yet when I was at work, one day, I felt a deep ache in my right groin, for hours.  That evening, his wife called to tell me that he had a biopsy that day.  Before she said anything else, I asked her if they took the biopsy from his right groin, and she began to cry.  The doctor did indeed remove a lymph node from Curt’s right groin that would provide a diagnosis of Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

I returned to Minnesota to have my blood tested to see if we were a match for a stem cell transplant. Sadly we ended up getting in a fight. I told him that I desired a relationship with him, but that I also feared he would not accept me because I studied astrology, which he believed was contrary to his religion.  We didn’t talk the rest of the time he was alive.

But we’ve continued to be connected to each other through my dreams, synchronistic events and even astrology. As I began to write this essay, I suddenly remembered that Curt’s birthday had just passed — this contest was posted the day after his birthday!

I love astrology, because it reveals the interconnectedness of the entire Universe, throughout time and space, and because it provides answers and meaning for the connections and events that take place between the connections, like death.  Consequently, I’m able to see the bigger picture, and feel a part of a greater whole… and to my brother.

Happy Birthday, Curt!  I love you too!