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Astrology Hub was created to facilitate a daily practice of introspection of the soul and exploration of the planetary rhythms. We know how much easier it is to learn about astrology and connect with it in a personal way when there are regular opportunities to engage with the material.

As we have grown, our online community has flourished. Through Facebook, we have created thriving communities in which people can find the resources and support they need to live in sync with the planets.

Once we began to integrate live video broadcasts in our communities the response was overwhelmingly positive. Our community is enriched with the live interaction between speakers and the audience. With this in mind, we expanded our offerings to include Facebook Live video broadcasts multiple times each week.

There are several ways you can access our Astrology Hub TV programming.

Astrology Hub TV Live

Astrology Hub TV Live is available multiple days a week via Facebook Live broadcasts. We have several regular programs, including Awakening with Astrology and Online Marketing for Modern Astrologers.

Never miss a live broadcast by signing up for Astrology Hub TV Live alerts.

This is a powerful way to interact in a meaningful way with others on the path of self-discovery.

Astrology Hub TV on Demand

Astrology Hub TV on Demand is available on our Facebook Videos or YouTube pages. There you will find our most popular Live broadcasts available to watch at your convenience.

We know it isn’t always possible to tune into your favorite Live episode, so we’ve made it easy to access past broadcasts from our Facebook Videos or our YouTube channel.

Astrology Hub TV

Astrology Hub TV Premium

Astrology Hub TV Premium Subscriptions are our special members only programming available to those who have joined one of our private channels.

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Astrology Hub’s Inner Circle


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