We love Astrology! Its fun and sexy aspects, the more deep and profound side, and everything in between!

And this love has been gathering energy and force with every passing year, every nugget of wisdom that we glean from a new or full moon update and each powerful transit that we find ourselves in. Astrology has been such a profound gift in our lives that it is our joy and honor to share this gift with YOU!

Astrology Hub serves as a meeting place; a virtual location that provides you with the best, most relevant and valuable information about Astrology. We partner with Astrologers who have the unique ability to take the extremely deep, nuanced and complex subject of Astrology, and make it accessible, valuable, tangible and FUN to understand and learn.

We aim to inspire the desire to learn about Astrology…

Because we know that an understanding of ourselves and others through the Astrological lens makes us more capable of healing, compassion and forgiveness. Three qualities our world is in dire need of right now…

And a deep understanding of your basic blueprint gives you permission to express, with uncensored abandon, your unique gifts and talents in the world.

“Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” – Howard Thurman

Through a combination of engaging and educational content, timely forecasts, and online events, our Hub is the perfect place for beginners to embark upon their learning journey and intermediate students to dive deeper with the best, most current Astrologers in the industry.

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